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about us

about minimind

minimind studio strives to create popular character design,
canned-food animations and illustrations with a touch of localised element
and culture (such as homophonic, trendy topics, Cantonese jargons) to feed the local demand.



Dear Boss,
Our characters are nice and funny!
Welcome to promote products and services!

Dear fans and lover,
Our characters are cute and hard working!
They love you all and you deserve to click a like button to them!
We tralior made series "Canned Food Animation" to them.
Please enjoy the good show in our youtube channel!

Their endorsement included:
SONY Yahoo! 時昌迷你倉 現代教育


Besides, we also provide the professional production services that including animation production,
characters design, graphic design, website design, illustration design, comic production etc.

Welcome to download our portfolio
portfolio_minimindstudio.pdf (15.85MB)







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